Ring Resizing




We understand it can be difficult to find the perfect size without trying on a product first. Although ring sizes are standardized, sizes may vary slightly from jeweler to jeweler. In our store policies, we recommend visiting a few jewelers to find 2 that agree on a certain size, then using that size for your order. If it arrives and does not fit quite right, purchase this listing for a better fit!

This is to resize a ring that has been previously purchased, was made in the size requested but does not fit. This is a highly discounted offer that is only valid in the above circumstance. This offer does not apply for gold rings with wood inlays, as they have a separate pricing structure. As wood itself cannot be resized, a brand new ring will be crafted and sent out, provided the original is received back, unworn, and was sent back to us within 14 days of receipt.

Current processing times for resizings are 8 weeks.


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