Who We Are

Experienced, yet Young. Passionate. Driven. Happy.

My name is Kilie, and that tall handsome man is my husband, Tanner. We are a husband and wife team! As founders of Wooden Wear, we want to say hello to you!! Technically, Tanner started this business just before we started dating, his first ring being a favor to his sister who wanted him to make a ring for her husband for their five year “wooden” anniversary (Tanner has taken many many years of woodshop classes and worked in woodshops previously). Now, well over a year later, working on our business has become our favorite pastime together. We stay up too late, not Netflix binging like a normal couple (well, sometimes), but thinking of new designs and researching what kind of materials we could use to expand our inlay options, competing against each other to find the “next big thing.” As we expand, our goal is to keep making rings that are not only beautiful, but also affordable. We love what we do, we’re glad you do too and we want to share it with you!


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Eager To Make a Difference in the World

Wooden Wear has pledged to donate 5% of every sale to a non-profit organization that risks their lives to rescue children being sold in human trafficking. This organization, Operation Underground Railroad, relies 100% on donations to create sting operations where non-government sponsored operatives go undercover to save anywhere from 5-50 children per operation, both domestic and globally.  Each rescue operation costs about $25,000, but that is not the end of the rescue. Each rescued child needs physical, social, and mental support, which costs the organization another $10,000 per trip. Every penny counts. To learn more about their story, check their website out at www.ourrescue.org. You can read more about our decision to donate on our “How We Give Back” page.

*Please note we have re-branded from Whittled Rings to Wooden Wear.


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Excited to Work Hand in Hand with You to Create the Ring of Your Dreams

Wooden Wear is unique. We allow you to work side by side with us to create a design you love, without charging you consultation fees or anything silly. We don’t even make it any more expensive to make a custom order than any of our existing options on our website!  We are constantly adding new designs and encourage you to call or email us if you would like a custom design! We have had people bring us rubies they’d had in their family for years, waiting to find someone who could fashion them into a couple rings they could finally wear around. We’ve also inlaid wedding flowers into wooden bands, to keep those memories close every day!

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