Why Wooden Rings?

What are the advantages of Wooden Rings?

They don’t discriminate against electricians or mechanics.

Many people who have careers like electricians or mechanics are often unable to wear wedding rings because they run the risk of having the ring touch something electric and getting severely burnt. Worry no more! Because our bentwood rings are made only of wood they will not conduct electricity!

They are hypoallergenic.

For those allergic to metals, we promise no rashes, itchiness, redness or blisters! We’re here for you.

They are strong. Like, 10 yr GUARANTEE strong.

Bentwood rings are extremely strong – they nearly feel like metal, but are surprisingly much lighter. The reason bentwood rings are so durable is that they are made from overlapping several layers of a strip of wood around itself, with very strong glue in between each layer, which seeps into the pores and magnifies the woods strength. The strip of wood is also cut along the long grain, which again magnifies its strength, and allows us to make rings that are thin and elegant while retaining their durability. We offer a 10 yr guarantee that your bentwood ring will not break. Which means, if it does, we will replace it for free – zip, nada, nothing. You get a brand new ring. We want you to be confident buying online.

They have great symbolism, especially in marriages.

Wood symbolizes strength, deep roots, and longevity, often in marriage. It is made from a living organism, which symbolizes the potential to grow. Wood is the material of fifth anniversary.


Why OUR Wooden Rings?

We are socially responsible.

We donate a portion of every sale to Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that rescues children kidnapped or sold into sex slavery. We cannot think of a better cause to donate to, can you?

They are relatively inexpensive.

At least when searching for a wedding ring, wooden rings are usually considerably more affordable than the competition of equal high quality workmanship. Even among handcrafted wooden rings, our shop is considerably more affordable, since my husband makes these rings primarily as his hobby, and only as a business to allow him to spend more time doing so.

Our Rings Come with Free Re-finishings

All of our wooden rings have an incredible shine to them, due to the attention we give as we finish them. The finish is water resistant and extremely durable. However, just like metal wedding rings, they have the potential to get minor scratches simply by wearing them 24/7. Simply send us your ring (in a padded envelope or in the box you received it in), and select “Refinish Ring” in our shop. It will charge you $5 for shipping, which we will use to send the ring back to you, newly re-finished, with a tracking number. This offer is only good if you bought your ring from us. You may send your ring in for refinishing as often as you’d like.

We will answer your email/phone call quickly and personally.

We’re a husband and wife only team, which means the same person who answers your inquiry, phone call, or email, will be the same person who actually makes your ring – no room for miscommunication. You can get exactly what you are looking for, without worrying it will get lost in a company’s internal correspondence.

Our rings are water resistant.

Wash your hands, shower, even wear your ring in a hot tub! Your ring can handle it – and come out just as shiny as ever!

Again, we offer a 10 yr guarantee that your ring won’t break.

Not all wooden rings you find online will come with this kind of lifetime care.

We treat you like you are special to us! Because you are!

We send your ring to you beautifully wrapped. Unlike big companies, we value you individually and dedicate hours specifically to your ring. Our packaging reflects that our craft is a hobby, not just business as usual.