Finding Your Size

If you go to a jeweler to get your finger sized please make sure to get sized using the sizing tools that are the same width as the ring you plan on purchasing. All of our rings are flat fit and not comfort fit. Please keep this in mind when choosing your ring size. Sizing can also differ slightly between jewelers so we recommend getting sized at 2 or 3 different jewelers, or until you find an agreement between them on size.

What to Do if Your Ring Does Not Fit

We do charge $50 to “resize” MOST rings – as this actually entails creating an entirely new ring at a highly discounted price, since wood as a material cannot be resized as metal can. If you order a ring and come to find out it does not fit, you may return the ring in the original ring box without any wear within 14 days of receiving the ring, and we will send you a new ring for a $50.00 charge made in the current turnaround time – currently 3 weeks.

*The exception to this offer is a gold ring with a wooden inlay (as opposed to a wooden ring with a gold inlay). Because we first need to take the wood out of the original ring, resize the metal, then re-inlay the wood, this has a different pricing structure. Please reach out to us if this needs to be done so we can quote you.

*Please note: If your ring has a personalized engraving and does not fit properly I will have to charge full price for a new ring, simply because that ring can not be resold with an engraving in it.