Shipping & Returns


How much does it cost?

This varies on how quickly you need your item and your location. We always include a tracking number to domestic destinations.  Our packages are light so the shipping charges are usually not too high. If you are ordering from another country, this can be more expensive, especially to expedite.

How long will it take?

Orders currently take 6 weeks to make due to demand and that I am only one man creating each piece. This does not include transit times. Shipping generally takes 1-7 business days depending on your location and shipping method you selected.

*International Orders will be shipped USPS international mail. This gives you a tracking number, but it is not always scanned. This is not something I can control. Many countries charge extra taxes on importing goods. They don’t always do this, and they’re spotty about when, why and how. Please note that you may be charged taxes upon delivery of your items.

You, as the customer, are responsible for import taxes and duties in your country. This is standard.

*If you need a ring by a certain date, let me know before your purchase so I can let you know if you need to pay a rush fee and/or expedited shipping. Do not simply leave the wedding date in the notes at checkout with the expectation that I will alter the processing time for your ring (I love to do this when available, but I do not see these notes until it may be too late – that is why I ask you to email me instead of leaving that information in the checkout notes). Processing times are more or less a waiting list for the creation of your ring and are based on current volumes. I often do not read these until I am ready to make your ring – that note section upon checkout is meant to be a place to let me know any special considerations you may have about the ring that were discussed prior, rather than a message beforehand. Takeaway: Feel free to include your wedding date in the notes as I love to be informed about my orders and congratulate people on their special events. If you need to me alter my processing times to meet your deadline, however, please email me before checking out. Send email to

Returns Policy

Because of the time and energy each ring takes to make and that I am a single person making each and every ring by hand no returns will be accepted.

Sizing issues: Please be very careful when choosing your ring size. The nature of wooden rings makes them impossible to re-size. If you order a ring and come to find out it does not fit, you may return the ring in the original ring box without any scratches, dents, ect. within 7 days of receiving the ring, and we will send you a new ring for a $50.00 fee made in the current turnaround time.

*Please note: If your ring has a personalized engraving and does not fit properly I will have to charge full price for a new ring, simply because that ring can not be resold with an engraving in it.

SIZING: If you go to a jeweler to get your finger sized please make sure to get sized using the sizing tools that are the same width as the ring you plan on purchasing. All of our rings are flat fit and not comfort fit. Please keep this in mind when choosing your ring size. Sizing can also differ slightly between jewelers so we recommend getting size at 2 or 3 different jewelers.

Re-Finishing: If your ring need to be re-finished simply send it to this address with $5.00 enclosed with it to cover shipping. Please sent ring to be re-sized to this address after purchasing the re-sizing listing in my shop.

7188 N Golden Ridge Dr
Eagle Mountain, UT 84005
United States